Celestial Events: Silence in Heaven for 1/2 Hour

On 29 December 2008, and on 1 December 2013, there will be Silence in the Heavens for about the space of half an hour. Between now and the year 2020, there will be certain celestial events occurring in the heavens, on 7 different dates, having possible Biblical significance.

The planet Mercury is known as the Messenger or ‘Announcer’ planet. This nickname takes on significance when we realise that conjunctions of Mercury and other planets appear to announce significant Biblical occurrences. These Biblical announcements can be made, however, only when the planet can be seen from the earth.

On occasion Mercury disappears from view of earth, when it slips behind the sun or moon, or perhaps more rarely behind Venus. When this happens, one might say that the messenger is hidden, and can not be seen. When the announcer can not be seen, its work of announcing becomes “silent” from a prophetic standpoint.

In Revelation 8:1 there is mention of a certain celestial event:

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence<4602> in heaven about the space of half an hour<2256>. (Revelation 8:1)

This passage refers to a celestial event in which there is “silence in heaven” for approximately one-half hour. It is easy to say that the earth is constantly bombarded with energy waves from far out in space, and these energy waves may be likened to sounds. But if we look at the term ‘silence’ from a prophetic perspective, we can see the meaning could include a time of silence in bearing witness.

When we consider this silence along with the passage in Rev 8:1, we then understand that this ‘silence’ in itself can become an announcement of great Biblical events! We need only to search for these hidden or ‘silent’ times, to see which of these events last about 1/2 hour.

The following events have been spotted using CyberSky software, and there may be more than these listed. Up to the year 2020, it appears there will be 7 separate events of Mercury being ‘hidden’ behind the sun or moon. Below is a brief table showing these events:

Celestial Event: Mercury Hidden

  Date           Hidden Behind       Hidden Time    
  29/Dec/2008     Moon               30 minutes
  5/Nov/2009      Sun                14 hours (aprox)
  11/May/2013     Sun                7 hours (aprox)
  1/Dec/2013      Moon               28 minutes
  26/Jun/2014     Moon               66 minutes
  17/Nov/2015     Sun                9 hours (aprox)
  9/May/2016      Sun                8 hours (aprox)

Looking at the two events having 28 to 30 minutes as “about half an hour” we see that on 29 Dec 2008, and on 1 Dec 2013, these two events are singled out. Perhaps one of these marks the opening of the seal, thereby revealing some significant bit of information.

In Scripture there are many possibilities of what may be revealed, made open and evident, and made manifest.

The 2008 Event of Silence in Heaven for Half an Hour

The sighting of the crescent moon marks the first day of the Biblical month (not the ‘Jewish’ month, but the ‘Biblical’ month). By this reckoning, we may then find out what the Biblical date of the 2008 event might be:

  Sighting of moon (probable date)        = 29 Nov at sundown.
  First day of the 9th Biblical month     = 30 Nov
  Next sighting of moon (probable date)   = 28 Dec at sundown.
  First day of the 10th Biblical month    = 29 Dec

From the above list of Celestial events, the 2008 event will occur on 29 Dec, which is likely to be the first day of the 10th month, depending, of course, on the sighting of the moon.

Incidentally, on 29 December 2008 the shadow of the earth, prophetically representing a “hidden” event, is in “The Twins” constellation called Gemini. Could these twins speak of the Bridegroom and Bride becoming one in marriage? Could the shadow be the secret announcer of the marriage, at the moment the Messenger is silent, hidden behind the moon? Might this ‘hidden revealing’ be a herald of the manifesting (making evident) of the going-forth of the Two-Witness Company of the mature Sons of Yah?

And if the ‘removal of the seals’ speaks of events that are revealing events, as opening of eyes to significant Truths of Scripture, might these events function as ‘mile-markers’ over a 2,000 year time span, to reveal where we are in time?

What significant Biblical events do we see in Scripture occurring on the First day of the Tenth month?? And to whom might these prophetic events apply today?? Let’s look at the other celestial event we see having a half-hour silence in heaven.

The 2013 Silence in Heaven for Half an Hour Event

The occultation (hiding) of the moon that will occur on 1 December 2013 is likely to be the event mentioned in Scripture. If we consider ‘Strong’s Numbers as Years’ we note that the Hebrew Strong’s number <02013> means “silence” while the Greek <2013> means “attain, obtain, hit the mark.” Prophetic markers appear frequently within the Strong’s numbering system, since the Strong’s numbers merely represent an alphabetical list of all words used in Scripture. Thus we have a double-witness of ‘silence’ being related to 2013.

The opening of a last-of-seven seals may indiacate the unveiling or revealing of the last of seven hidden mysteries.

If the silence in heaven for half an hour is the celestial event we see occurring in the skies in 2013, this event may serve as a marker or waypoint for understanding other events occuring before and after this event.

These events are interesting, and pleasant to ponder. But they are not our destination, and do not deserve our full focus. They are merely as mile-markers to tell us how little time we have left, in which to accomplish a great deal of preparation!

2 Responses to Celestial Events: Silence in Heaven for 1/2 Hour

  1. Laurence says:

    Strongs 2015 hebrew- “haphak” = come, return, 2015 greek is “epiphaneia” the advent of christ!!! Maranatha!

    • notesfromthewilderness says:

      Good catch Laurence! The Hebrew word in some contexts can also mean to be ‘changed or transformed,’ another hope we have in Messiah! Mar anatha [Aramaic: The Master is coming]! Let’s all prepare!!

      Blessings to you and your household! -Brother Bill

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