One of a City, and Two of a Family

“Turn (“Repent”), O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion:” (Jeremiah 3:14)

For those Believers who Turn — who Repent — there will be two groups snatched away, and taken away by the Bridegroom-Husband, and brought to “Zion” — the name the Bridegroom has given to His Dwelling Place. These two separate groups are seen in the above passage. They are “One of a city,” and “Two of a Family.” Let’s look at these two groups, to see who they are.

One of a City

The first Resurrection will see only a small number who pass the “first” Love test:

“If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)

How many will pass this test? “One of a City,” we are told. Only one out of an entire village, town, or city is a very small number.

Who are these that pass the test? If we know who these groups represent, perhaps we can prepare accordingly!

So how can we know who these are today? Scripture tells us the answer!

  • These are they who were not afraid to seek Yahweh in the Scriptures on their own, despite the wrestling and travail they experienced. As their eyes began to open to understand the Scriptures, their long-held congregational beliefs were challenged by what they saw in Scripture.
  • These are those who decided to remain steadfast by holding to Scripture, and so they were forced out of close friendships and congregations, and into a solitary walk of obedience.
  • These are those who overcame the spiritual blindness and peer pressure of Leaders, friends and family, and kept Yahshua’s commandments, ordinances, and precepts, and are seen in Revelation 14:12 and Revelation 22:14.
  • These are those who, in prayer and intercession, took on the heart-felt cries of the Bridegroom, who continued to mourn and agonize over those who rejected His Feasts (Lam 1:4), and who refused His New Covenant by rejecting the Bridegroom’s Commandments, even all of His Torah (Psalms 78:10; Psalms 119:136).
  • These are the ones who did whatever was necessary to hold fast to obedience to the Truth, even at the expense of their own reputation, and acceptance by others. As a result, these were shunned and rejected by many, because of the Truth of Scripture, and for the son of Man’s sake (Luke 6:22).
  • These are the ones who passed Yahshua’s “first” Love Test, proving their love for Him. These are they who had become the “wise” virgins. These were then taken with the Bridegroom, and were given the right to enter in to the City of the King, and are seen in Rev 14:12 and Rev 22:14.

Those who failed the “first” love test, however, have one more opportunity. Let’s see the next group, and who they are.

Two of a Family

The second group to be tested, and brought to the Bridegroom, is seen in “Two of a Family.” This is still a very small number, but because there are some number of families within a village, town, or city, this speaks of a much larger number than the previous group.

These are those who failed the “first” love test, and were left behind by the Bridegroom at that time. However, these will have opportunity to take, and to pass, the “second” love test:

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

Who are these? How do we recognise these today? Understanding their characteristics might help us to prepare ourselves a little better. Let’s look at these.

These are those who, during (and even prior to) the Great Tribulation, will have opportunity to deny Yahshua’s Word, in exchange for their life. Many will lay down their lives, and will not deny Yahshua.

(Keep in mind there have been many in past centuries, as there will be in present and future times, who choose to lay down their lives for Yahshua — even those who pass the “first” love test.)

Therefore the description of two separate groups speaks only of the vast majority of those alive at the return of Yahshua, who fail to pass the “first” love test.

Who Are These Today?

If we could look backwards from that point in time, back to today, it might be good for our instruction and learning, to recognise who these are today. Looking back, we would see the following:

  • These are they that held a sincere love for Yahshua, but were afraid to venture out beyond the confines of their congregation’s token commitment to the Bible. They were not aware that their congregations were being taught a combination of Scripture and Tradition of Men, combined with a few popular pagan practices.
  • These are they who, when the tribulation came to them, began to realize that their Pastors and Leaders had lied to them. They had been taught by these Leaders to obey ONLY the “New Testament” commandments, and that the “Law” had been nailed to the cross, and done away with.
  • These are those who had not read the Scripture for themselves, to see whether this notion was true, or false. Had they done so, they would have noticed that Scripture tells them very clearly that the Greek word ‘dogma’ — the “decrees of men” — is what was nailed to the cross, and done away with.
  • These are those who instead of reading for themselves, had believed the “wrested,” or twisted words of their Pastors and Leaders, whose error Jude describes as the “Error of Balaam.”
  • These are those who followed the popular Leaders. These leaders, rather than put forth a difficult word of Truth, instead put forth the “Doctrine of Balaam,” which ignores the earlier word of Yahweh (the “Old” Testament), in favour of the later word of Yahweh (the “New” Testament). As a result, Jude shows these Leaders’ true spiritual condition, and their expected judgment.
  • These are those who had not searched the Scriptures diligently on their own, to see if these things were true. However, for the sake of “unity,” they would not dare to disagree with anyone, for they loved acceptance and praise of men more than praise of Yahweh.
  • These are they who, when the Tribulation began, were suddenly forced to choose between two options:
    • Option 1: They could accept the mark in order to stay alive, but would incur Yahshua’s wrath by disobeying the command in Revelation not to take the mark.
    • Option 2: They could refuse the mark, and deny their own life — in order to avoid His wrath.
  • These are they who chose Option 2, refusing “the mark,” and laying down their life. As a result these are memorialized in Rev 6:9,11. Having failed the first Love Test, they decided they would not fail this second test.

What about you, dear reader? Will you choose to pass one of these “Love Tests?” Will you be among “One of a Family,” or “Two of a City?”

Now is the time to decide, for there is not much time left. The “Time of Testing” is almost here!


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