A New Sign in the Heavens for the Bride

Yahshua promised there would be “Signs and wonders” in the heavens and in the earth, to mark the end times, including the time of His return. These signs are first detailed in Scripture, and then will be confirmed in the heavenly signs at the appropriate times.

One of these signs can be seen in the Song of Solomon –– in the midst of a discussion of certain Bride characteristics –– and can be seen in the heavens now! Let’s look at this sign, first in Scripture, and then in the Heavens.

The description of the Bride can be seen throughout the Scriptures, seen in various stories, parables, types and shadows, and in allegorical pictures. Of all the Books of the Bible having these descriptions, however, none compares with the Book of Song of Solomon for richness, and for variety of pictures used to describe the Bride.

The Twins: Seen in Song of Solomon

Many of the Hebrew words used in Song of Solomon occur a certain number of times (have a “frequency” count). Some others have number characteristics that either point out or emphasize the Bride’s qualities of preparation, as well as her perfection –– the completion of her preparation.

Still other words are used to show in detail some of the Bride’s character qualities, and still others portray some of her activities and actions. These pictures are all there for our instruction and emulation, for those who would diligently seek them out. Thus when we see a “sign” mentioned, we are able to associate the “sign” with the prophetic meanings of the passage itself.

Some of these words and phrases reveal prophetic pictures of the Bride’s interaction with others, such as the other virgins and those charged with leadership, the Pastors and Shepherds. There are likewise many hidden messages and pictures, showing some of the details of the Bride’s preparation, and of the Bridegroom’s sending for her. Until now these pictures have been obscured, but now a few of these are coming into view. With this brief understanding, we will now look at an example of one prophetic message for the Bride, along with the confirming “sign” seen in the heavens.

The word “twins” appears four times in Song of Solomon, twice as Strong’s number <08380>, and twice as <08382>. The word <08380> comes from the root <08382>, which means “joined, or coupled together.” The great significance is seen in the passages where this word <08382> occurs. Notice these two passages:

“Thy teeth are like a flock [of sheep that are even] shorn, which came up <05927> from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them.” (Song of Songs 4:2)

“Thy teeth are as a flock of sheep <07353> which go up <05927> from the washing, whereof every one beareth twins, and there is not one barren among them.” (Song of Songs 6:6)

First, the phrase “flock of sheep” appears in the first passage as, “like a flock shorn;” but then appears as, “as a flock of <07353>” in the second passage. The Hebrew word <07353> is the word ‘rachel’ and means “ewe.” This has a double meaning, and pictures the ‘flock of Rachel’ as the “Children of Rachel” –– prophetically meaning the line of Joseph, which pictures Messiah as the “firstborn” that brings preservation to the “other” tribes of the sons of Jacob –– which speaks of none other than the “Bridegroom and His Bride” who bring preservation to the other virgins that are to come later.

In both verses above (So 4:2; So 6:6), the wording shows a prophetic association between the word “twins” and the phrase “a flock [of sheep] that ascended (came up) from the washing.” In the first passage, the Bride “flock” is seen as ‘shorn’ (“cut off”), and as “ascended” after her washing (her “preparation”).

What is the significance seen here? We have seen that the flock is cut off, and ascends after her washing or preparation. But the great significance is seen in associating the Bride with the word “Twins,” so let’s next look at “The Twins.”

The Twins: Sign in the Heavens

Yahweh has established in the heavens twelve main constellations, as pictures to tell the story of the Gospel, the Good News of Redemption of His People. One of these constellations is called “The Twins.” Many have speculated as to its meaning and interpretation of these constellations, but from old days some of the Hebrew meanings can still shine through to us today. If there is Truth to be seen in the signs in the heavens, then this Truth must first be seen in Scriptures. In this way, the heavenly signs become simply “confirmations” of Scriptural truths, and nothing more. Now let us notice what happens in the heavens on the 40th day of the Omer.

The 40th day of the counting of the days of the Omer this year (See Lev 23:15-16, and Hebrew word for “sheaf”) occurs on the “expected” day the New Moon will be sighted, defining the start of the first day of the “Biblical” month. [The “Jewish” or Traditional calendar is of no use to us in any way for determining Scriptural Truths. Because it is a “man-made” calendar, Truth-seekers will want to avoid any reference to it.]

The 40th day of the Omer this year happens to fall on the first day of the 3rd Biblical month, which is a “New Moon” day starting at sundown. The great significance of this will be seen around midnight a few hours later, when the moon begins to enter the constellation called “The Twins.” Around midnight the moon will be in “The Twins,” and the 40th day of the Omer Count and the first day of the New Moon have just occurred a few hours earlier at sundown! The presence of the moon in “The Twins” constellation is a mirror of the Scriptures showing the “Bride flock” in proximity to “The Twins” in Song of Solomon. And the Scripture passages connect the Bride’s “cutting off” and “ascending” with this sign of “The Twins.”

So along with the 40th day as the third of three “known” Scriptural ascension days (Yahshua’s ascension), we see confirmation of the ascending of the Bride in Song of Solomon is related to “Twins.” This is a prophetic association in Scripture, with a confirming sign in the heavens, and is for our instruction. This heavenly sign of “The Twins” may be a sign for the Bride’s confirmation, and may signal the time for the Bride flock to be watching!

Notice also, in the same two passages above, reference is made to the Bride’s “teeth,” which word comes from a Hebrew root that means “to sharpen” and “to teach diligently.” Surely the Bride flock, having been taught well, will seek Yahweh in prayer regarding these Scripture passages and heavenly signs, and she will be ready for her Bridegroom!

A Reminder for the Bride!

As a reminder for the Bride flock, every New Moon Day is the First Day of the Biblical month, a 24-hour period starting with sighting of the New Moon in Jerusalem.

For most of the virgins, New Moon Day is a day for “business-as-usual.” For the Bride, however, it is a “non-work” and “non-commerce” day, even as Sabbath days are (Eze 46:1; Amos 8:5).

This practice for the Bride, of not working or doing commerce on that day, as on a Sabbath day, is perhaps in prophetic anticipation of the ascending of the Bride. According to Scripture, New Moon day will be celebrated by all people (Isa 66:23), maybe as a future memorial of part of the Wedding of the King’s Son, as a sort of wedding “anniversary” event. We do not know.

In any event, we must remember to “let no man judge you” when we observe New Moon Day, or Sabbath Days. For it will be on one of these days in which the “shadow” of “things to come” (even the “physical” Body of Messiah when He returns) may be seen! New Moons and Sabbaths are not for everyone, but only for Yahweh’s Covenant People who choose to be grafted in, both natural and wild branches, as richly and abundantly detailed in Scripture!

It is by those who observe Yahweh’s special appointment days, that both the shadow –– and the substance, Messiah Himself –– will be seen! Will it be this year?

Many likewise may try to “beguile” you with enticing words, the “Doctrines of Men” they learned in Theological Cemetery or Bible School – but do not believe these Doctrines and Commandments of Men, which turn men from the Truth. Beloved, let’s believe only the Scriptures! (See Col 2:16-17; Col 2:18-19; Titus 1:14).

So while the world is scurrying around, marrying and being given in marriage, and keeping its own agenda, the Bride flock is following the Bridegroom, wherever He goes!

These are those who have shed all earthly obligations on the Master’s chosen days, and have set aside those days for only the Master!

These will be the ones who will see both the shadow, and the substance of things to come, even the Master Himself!

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  1. Eric Schneggenburger says:


    I agree with your statement “The “Jewish” or Traditional calendar is of no use to us in any way for determining Scriptural Truths. Because it is a “man-made” calendar, Truth-seekers will want to avoid any reference to it.)” but there is still more false teachings about the calendar to unlearn.

    After many years of study I have come to the same conclusion as [Reference Deleted].

    This is just one of a few insights I have learned. If you wish to dialog let me know.


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