What Your Pastor Never Told You About… The “Last Supper”

Yahshua participated in the Last Supper, also called the ‘Lord’s Supper’ and ‘communion’ by some. What was this Last Supper, commanded by Yahweh–and what is its significance? What do the Scriptures reveal?

Some have speculated that the Last Supper was a “Graduation Supper” for Yahshua’s disciples, or was the institution of some new thing relating to the New Covenant, having elements of bread and wine that somehow transformed or mutated into flesh and blood.

Others say that the Lord’s Supper, or communion, is symbolic of the koinonia, the shared partaking of the Body and Blood of our Lord, to be done as often as we choose. Most today have been taught that it was a “new thing” instituted as part of the New Covenant in Yahshua’s Blood.

Let’s look at the Scriptures, and in particular, what the Saviour Himself has to say about it.

The Scriptures reveal that eating of this meal was a practice Yahweh Himself commanded His people from ancient times. Yahshua Himself referred to this meal many times as “The Passover” and “This Passover”–removing any doubt as to what he was celebrating with His Disciples. Throughout the pages of the Gospels, we read that Yahshua was simply showing his disciples the “New Way” of entering into the Father’s presence–by His own Blood of the New Covenant.

By referring a known and familiar practice–the keeping of Passover–to a new revelation of Father’s plan, Yahshua revealed the true meaning of the centuries-old Passover meal. At this meal, He was declaring once again, that He Himself is the “Lamb of God” of the Israelites’ Passover, whose Blood-stained doorposts became the redemption price that set Israel free from bondage in Egypt.

He was revealing that He Himself was the Passover Sacrifice — whose blood, when applied to the door post, would redeem every house from the coming plague of death.

In the Passover meal, Yahshua was also declaring that He was the “Lamb of God”–representing the ram in the thicket that was substituted for Isaac– showing us again the Truth of what a substitutionary sacrifice really is, and giving us an idea of its cost to the Father.

Yahweh named seven annual Feasts, or “Sabbaths” His People were to keep, in addition to the required weekly Sabbath. Passover is preparatory to one of these annual Sabbaths, known as the Feast of Unleavened Bread (See Lev 23:1-44).

In keeping Passover with His Disciples, Yahshua demonstrated two important truths to us. First, that He Himself was to be the fulfillment of the well-known Passover Sacrificial Lamb. Second, He revealed to us how we, too, are to eat of His Flesh–the passover Bread, and to drink of His blood–the Passover Cup of Redemption, taken after the meal is complete.

Yahweh commanded that His People are to partake of this Passover meal every year, “throughout your generations.” (See Ex 31, Lev 23, Eze 20). Notice that in Ezekiel 20, verses 13, 16, 21, and 24, Israel’s refusal of Yahweh’s Statutes, Judgments, and His Sabbaths, was the stated reason Israel fell in the wilderness. Here we are told the reason most of that generation were refused entry into the Promised Land, except for Joshua and Caleb.

Yahshua Himself said that whoever does not eat this Passover Meal “Has no life in him” (John 6:53). All the Disciples ate the Passover meal with Yahshua. The Apostle Paul admonishes Believers to keep the Passover– and he tells us the reason we are to do so is that Messiah is our Passover (sacrifice) who was sacrificed for “us”– therefore let “us” keep the feast– and Paul was writing to “us”–to New Testament Believers today! (1Co 5:7-8 ).

As Gentiles, most of us today have been given an erroneous paradigm, or “spin” of the true Passover seen in the Gospels. We have been given a cheap, adulterous substitute of the true “Lord’s Supper”– a False Substitute for the true Passover, cooked up in the kitchens of Babylon.

As a result, most Believers today have not begun keeping the True Passover, many having been told “it’s Jewish” or “it’s not for us” or some other notion. According to Scripture, Passover is Yahweh’s Feast, and it is intended for all our Jewish Brethren, and for all our grafted-in Gentile Brethren. It is for all of Yahweh’s people!

For those that desire Truth, we must read our Bibles vigorously, in order to break free from the bondage of “Babylon” (confusion by mixing the two streams of truth and error), and the bondage of “Assyria” (the ‘successful’ spiritual leaders and orators of our time, leading multitudes down the wide road).

We must seek Yahweh with all our hearts, and perhaps He will grant us repentance, and then bring us ‘back to Jerusalem’ – back to Himself, as He brought His people to return under Ezra. As we first begin to walk in obedience in a particular matter, He will then open our eyes to the Truth of that matter. It is a Scriptural principle: First we must “do”– then He will give us the “understanding.”

Let us begin by keeping “My Feasts” and “My Sabbaths” as Yahweh calls them. The Feasts are not “Jewish” Feasts — they are “His” Feasts (Lev 23:2) — and they also belong to anyone who is willing to take hold of His Covenant (See Isa 56, Isa 58 )!

Let us take hold, that we may “enter in” to the Promised Land. Recall that this is not a matter of justification, which is a Blood issue. This is a matter of “His Life”–the Life of “Messiah-in-you”–and of “following the Lamb wherever He goes,” of “obedience unto righteousness,” and of “walking as He walked” (Rom 5:9-10; Rev 14:4; Rom 6:16; 1John 2:6).

A Note to all Believers:
Passover will occur in a few days, in mid-April. The Resurrection is counted from the day of Passover, which, in the year of His Resurrection, was three days and three nights after Passover. Let all those who “long for His appearing” return to Scriptural practice. Let us “keep the Feast” (1Cor 5:7-8 ).

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2 comments on “What Your Pastor Never Told You About… The “Last Supper”
  1. Hi; I enjoyed skimming through your article, and I hope to read it in more depth when I have time. You mention many things that are very significant issues for the little group that I am with. John

  2. notesfromthewilderness says:

    Thank you John, for stopping by.

    Yes, it seems many are now starting to deal with these issues, which are part of our preparation of removing the “leaven” from our life and practice – the removal of the same “Doctrines of Men” that Yahshua encountered.

    Blessings of Yahshua to you and your group.

    In His Love,

    Brother Bill

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